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Vanilla Lavender Linen Mist

Lavender’s clean, calm, fresh and floral scent notes makes it a must for every home! It’s adaptable aroma has made it popular for soaps, cleaners and even decoration. Lavender’s versatility lends itself not just to freshening cleaning methods but also to soothing skincare and relaxing daily routines.

Tiffany Field of the University of Miami School of Medicine, stated that its aroma has been shown to improve sleep by slowing down your heart rate and lowering blood pressure, thus putting you in a relaxed state. One of the easiest ways to use lavender in the bedroom is with a linen mist, also known as sleep spray. Mist lightly over your bed sheets and pillow just before turning in for the night.

You Will Need : 

5 oz spray bottle/glass jar
1/2 tsp. vanilla essential oil/clear extract
1 tsp. lavender essential oil
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
3 1/2 cups distilled water

To make :

In a spray bottle or glass jar, add the essential oils and rubbing alcohol. Close the lid and shake to combine. Add distilled water to the essential oil mix, close the lid and shake once more to combine. Shake lightly before each use. A spray bottle with a fine mist is recommended.

Retrieved from Willow & Sage 2017