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Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Hay Fever program
Initial Consultation
Acupuncture, herbal consultation,qua sha, cupping, exercise and diet advise
1 ½ Hours $188
Follow up (Standard Consultation): Acupuncture, herbal consultation, guasha, cupping, exercise and diet advice. 1 hour $120
Acupuncture Consultation: Acupuncture Only 30 minutes $78
Herbal Consultation: Herbs Only 30 minutes $60
Therapeutic Healing 90 minutes $120
Tui Na (Chinese Massage) 60 minutes $100
Myotherapy or Remedial Massage 60 minutes $95


At RTCM we understand that the many stressors associated with the current challenges we are all facing combined with the new, improvised work stations that many people have been forced to use at home has created a near perfect recipe for neck and shoulder tension.
We are therefore offering 10% off all Remedial Massage and Myotherapy treatments for all members of the RTCM community that would like some help trying to combat their neck and shoulder pain and tension.

Offer ends May 31st 2020.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as an effective treatment for a range of common ailments, including arthritis, back/neck/shoulder/sciatica pain, headache/migraine, depression/anxiety, hypertension, allergies, gastrointestinal, menopause, bed wetting, night sweats.

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Why do I get hay fever?

Winter is a time for hibernation where the body slows down and the blood, lymph and fluids go deeper into the body. Generally people eat more, exercise less and work indoors with little fresh air. When spring arrives it is time for the body to spring clean, the liver awakens and gets the energy moving. If there is a build up of toxins in the body, the liver needs to get rid of the waste and the lung system is a helpful rout to do this. The way our bodies adapt to the new season will depend on how well we have looked after ourselves in the previous season. If we haven’t exercised, eaten in moderation, and haven’t had adequate rest in winter our bodies won’t be able to clean out the toxins. This will over burden the immune system leaving us more susceptible to developing hay fever.

How Can Chinese Medicine Help Me?

Treatment involves acupuncture, spooning, cupping, diet and lifestyle advice and taking a herbal formula to boost the immune system and correct imbalances.

Chinese medicine can help to detoxify the liver, calm the kidney ( nervous system) strengthen the spleen to improve digestion and help to get the fluids moving again.

We do this firstly by stimulating the lymphatic system with cupping and spooning. The lymphatic system helps the immune system to destroy pathogens and get rid of toxins. However, unlike blood the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump to help with the flow of lymph fluid therefore movement is slow. Lack of exercise or a sedentary job or lifestyle will contribute to a sluggish drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system.

Acupuncture can then be used to restore and balance the functions of the organs that are affected so they can perform their functions well. Herbal medicine will then be prescribed to further assist the cleansing process after the treatment has finished.

During your session, we will also provide dietary and lifestyle advice so you can play an active role in your health to help manage and prevent symptoms.