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Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Weight Loss Program

Do you want an Individualised weight loss program that works for you? 


Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used systems of healing in the world, originating in China some 3,500 years ago. It is a therapy that allows the body to restore balance and heal naturally. Research shows that acupuncture helps to regenerate cells, decrease pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. It is also proven to be effective for weight loss.

Rosanna Traditional Chinese medicine Weight Management Program adopts a holistic and individualised approach. It combines the ancient art of acupuncture and classical Chinese medical techniques with modern technology to deliver the most desirable outcome.

Program Contents

A. Health assessment and weight management coaching

Health assessment – Develop effective treatment plan with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and computerized Acugraph diagnosis.

Weight management coaching – Goal setting, progress review and lifestyle and diet advice.

B. Treatment session

Cupping, Gua Sha and massage – Balance Yin / Yang, strengthen the immune system, boost fluid metabolism, improve circulation and eliminate body toxins.

Body acupuncture – Speeds up the body’s energy metabolism for increasing energy consumption, improves bowel function and aids in the decomposition of body fat. Relax body and mind to accept change.

Electro acupuncture – Stimulation of acupuncture points by passing electric currents between acupuncture needles for a set amount of time. It enhances effect of body acupuncture in local areas, especially the abdomen.

Ear acupuncture – Ear seeds are placed on outer ear in specific locations related to hunger, appetite, endocrine, digestion etc and retained for a few days for extended treatment outcome.

C. Qigong Exercise  

Qigong is a health cultivating practice originating in ancient China, which integrates physical movements, body posture, breathing techniques and focused intention. Qigong exercises are taught after each treatment session and to be practised at home daily. Other physical exercises are recommended as required.

D. Herbal Tea/Capsule

Herbal Tea/Capsule is optional. The specific formula used in this clinic comes from Dr Kang Xiao Li’s seven years of research in RMIT University, in combination with thirty plus years of clinical experience. It is proven to be effective in treating simple obesity with functions of regulating appetite, reducing excessive body weight, lowering bad cholesterol, reducing blood lipids, reducing fluid retentions, discharging body toxins and blocking excessive fat and sugar absorption.


Initial consultation and treatment: $188
Standard consultation and treatment: $120

If joining the 10-session program then the 10th session is free.

Session Duration Fee
1 90 minutes $120
2 – 9 60 minutes $85 each
10 60 minutes Free