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Calming Green Tea Face Mask

This Seaweed Green Tea Face Mask is wonderful for calming inflammation and creating even skin tone. It contains high levels of iodine, which is necessary for healthy skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties and  chlorophyll to keep your skin firm. This is the perfect and simple way to give your complexion a boost any time of day.

You will need:

Dab of Aloe Vera
1 Nori Sheet, torn into pieces
2-6 oz. brewed green tea

To Make :

On Clean skin, apply a small amount of aloe vera to prime the skin. Dip pieces of nori, front and back into the green tea until they get a little mushy. Arranging them on your face is a little like putting a puzzle together. Tear the pieces to fit around your eyes, nose, chin etc. It should stick pretty well to your skin; if not, add more tea. Leave it to dry; you’ll know when it’s done because it’ll start to pull away from your skin. Once dry, peel off.