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Our dedicated team of TCM practitioners and massage therapists have a passion for what they do. They take the time to listen, and use this information to help guide you in a direction of preventative care, so to optimize your health care regime. Below is a profile of each member of our team at the Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre.

We look forward to providing you with the best of care!

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Gabriele Aspromonte – TCM Practitioner

gabriele aspromonte rtcm practitioner

Gabriele began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese Martial & Physical Arts in 1990, at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM 1974-2008) in Northcote under the guidance of Principal and Founder the Honorable Prof. Wong Lun (OAM / Retired 2008, at the age of 88). Gabriele was led into TCM through his ongoing love and commitment to understanding the disciplines of mental and physical self awareness and health through movements of the Martial Arts from the age of eight years old.

Beginning first with (1)Tui Na (Chinese Manipulative Therapy/Massage) from 1990 and then including (2)Acupuncture, (3)Herbs, (4)Dietetics and (5)Exercise Therapy, Gabriele began his full time practice of TCM in 1994.

The combination of these five arts Prof. Wong termed : Wu Da Liao Fa, in which he also included Wu Yi (associated therapies acquired from the ancient Martial Arts Tradition) & Nature Dao (the study of nature and meditation), the intended goal to return harmony between physical (Xing) and Spirit (Shen) termed Xing Shen He Yi.

In 1997 Gabriele relocated his own practice, the Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre (RTCMC) from the ATCM Academy to 78 Lower Plenty Rd, Rosanna. Between 1991-2008 he practised at the ATCM Academy, progressing to teaching and post graduate studies. Here he became a Senior TCM Practitioner, instructor of Tai Ji Quan, Wu Gong (Chinese Martial Arts pertaining to health) and Nature Dao Meditation including Dao Yin (Qi Gong) exercises. In weekly shifts practising and managing the Academy, he mentored students undertaking clinical hours. Throughout his time at the Academy he continued to work with and be mentored by Prof. Wong Lun daily. Gabriele participated in regular trips to China every few years with Prof. Wong. They followed the Silk Road Route, visiting and working in Hospitals, Local Clinics, visiting Temples, and Monasteries to understand the history, progression and current practice of TCM throughout China.

Following the closure of ATCMA in 2008, Gabriele continues his own studies and research into TCM and the Physical Arts through clinical discussion groups, workshops, conferences and conferring with his teachers, peers and colleagues in the field.

Fiona Aspromonte – TCM Practitioner

Fiona is a qualified and registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine with 20 years experience in treating gynecology, fertility, children’s and paediatrics.

In 1995, Fiona embarked on five year degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the highly respected Professor Wong Lun. Fiona was privileged to be taught and mentored by Professor Wong and during her five years, she spent most of her spare time assisting him in his clinic where she gained invaluable experience.

To give her a greater awareness of the body and physical movement in relation to health, Fiona devoted herself to her training in Wu Gong, Tai Qi, Judo and Tang Shou at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Northcote.

Her passion to dedicate herself to Chinese Medicine saw Fiona travelling overseas to China to attend world conferences in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as spending time in Traditional Chinese medical hospitals and also having the opportunity to visit herbal cultivation areas and TCM universities.

Working so closely and being mentored by Professor Wong gave Fiona a profound respect and understanding of not only Chinese medicine and the physical arts but also a deep insight into the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how we are guided by nature but unwittingly are controlled by our minds. Her studies gave her a more in-depth understanding of the emotional stresses we place our bodies under and how Traditional Chinese medicine views symptoms and in turn treats each patient based on their own history. It’s this understanding and wealth of knowledge which she brings to all her clinical treatments.

Fiona’s dedication to learning has cemented her passion in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese medicine – not only as a way of health and preventative care but also as a way to emotional freedom.

Maya Amhaz

Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist (B.Hsc)

Maya Amhaz

Maya is a nationally registered acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist.

In her clinical practice, Maya strives to uncover the root of your body’s disharmony and joins the dots of all your symptoms, helping you to better understand your body along with the things that benefit or upset it the most. Could it be that your neck tension, sluggish bowels, skin break outs and flat moods are all rooted in the same disharmony? Is your daily diet and lifestyle hindering or helping you to thrive in your daily life according to your constitution? With her holistic approach, Maya works not only to resolve your ailments, but also helps you understand why they came about in the first place, empowering you to take back control of your health and together achieving lasting results and implementing sustainable wellness changes in your life.

Maya continues to expand her knowledge with continuing professional development in the general practice of Chinese Medicine including gynaecology (from menarche to menopause), dermatology, mental health and the treatment of pain conditions.

Lauren Pegoli – Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist

(Maternity Leave until June 2021)

Lauren is a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist and herbalist with a passion for mental health and emotional well-being, women’s health, digestive issues and nutrition.She is especially interested in creating a safe space for clients to slow down, relax and re-connect with themselves.

Lauren places importance on the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient: her treatment style delves beyond superficial symptoms, factoring in all aspects of lifestyle in order to decipher the root cause of the patients disease.

The healing road can be laden with uncertainty and false promises which is why fleshing out clear treatment plans and estimated measurable outcomes is fundamental to Lauren’s treatments. She is informed by current evidence and makes use of all appropriate therapies (eastern and western) available.

In 2019, Lauren spent two life-changing months with the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal where she volunteered as a primary health care provider working in community clinics. She offered over 400 treatments and received invaluable training with orthopaedic specialist, Andrew Schlabach (Lac EAMP).

Currently registered with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and covered by most private healthcare providers.

Jordan Lo Piccolo

Jordan Lo Piccolo

Growing up, my diet was predominately fast-food, sugar, wheat and processed packaged foods. By my late teens, my physical, emotional and mental health were suffering, and I knew that something needed to change.

After moving to Melbourne and discovering that vegetables could taste delicious and influence how I felt, my passion for understanding the science and energetics of Food began. Through many years of studying and applying the Western and Eastern Medical framework of food, I was able to completely transform my own emotional and physical health.

I see digestion as an art, where the composition of different ingredients in a meal needs to be compatible with the individual in order to correctly assimilate. Through experience I’ve found that when incompatible foods are selected based on taste preferences or nutritional value alone, this leads stagnation and microbiome imbalances – these being the precursor to most disease.

I am passionate that diet is the pinnacle of all medicine, and it’s the most important aspect of our lives to adjust when problems arise.

Qualifications and Training

Jordy completed his Bachelors of Science (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) and Graduate Diploma (Food Science) in 2016, where his passion for understanding the relationship between carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols in food structures lead to his first publication in the Journal of Food Hydrocolloids. Jordy began to study the energetics of Food in Ayurvedic Medicine whilst completing his Diploma in Yoga Education in India, before extending his education to a current Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (to be completed in 2022).

Jordy has extensively studied the application of Dietary Strategies in Classical Chinese Medicine under the guidance of Andrew Sterman, having also completed several courses in the use of Food as Medicine as by the teachings of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. He has advanced training under the intimate guidance of Dr. Johannah Ashley in Pulse Diagnosis, and the use of the complementary channels of Acupuncture that deal with the latency of illness in the body.

Lachlan Ryan – Myotherapy Therapist

lachlan ryan massage therapist

I have a passion for understanding the function and workings of the human body. This follows achieving an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy from RMIT TAFE and Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy. In addition to this, I had prior studies in Physiology and Anatomy at La trobe University.

I specialise in rehabilitation and maintenance of injuries suffered through physical activity, especially repetitive stress and overuse injuries. I have a particularly strong empathy for clients recovering from sporting injuries, based on my own experience as a State League Water Polo athlete since 2012. As a qualified massage therapist and competitive athlete, I can also advise clients on maintenance exercises to assist their recovery, in combination with massage therapy.

– Lachlan Ryan