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Solar Sound Healing

Solar Sound Healing is sourced in the truth of who we really are i.e. our true nature as pure love. The solar sound healer sees a complete integration between Spirit, mind, body and the emotional body. There is no separation between them; therefore disharmony in one aspect of being will result in disharmony on all levels. In fact, the solar sound healer believes that the spirit is the foundation, not the body. We are Spiritual beings who have incarnated physically rather than physical beings that have awakened to spirit and now we are re-awakening to our Spiritual nature.

If our nature is pure love, all pain, all suffering comes from our being disconnected from that truth. That truth, however, remains within the heart of all of us and everyone has the same potential for awakening to it. In Solar Sound healing the practitioner’s intent is to first connect with that truth within themselves and then facilitate the client’s journey. The practitioner must become a “Hollow bones” i.e. they become a vessel through which divine energy can flow. This is not the same as channeling, the practitioner is consciously present throughout the healing, it cannot happen without the practitioner’s conscious engagement. The practitioner consciously surrenders to their true nature as pure love. In doing this the practitioner can engage the client in an entirely non judgmental way, it is through non judgment that the practitioner can see clearly.

The practitioner goes through a minimum of 3 years training, personal and spiritual development, and in many cases a lot longer, before becoming certified. Certification is by Gary Collins, the director of the Institute of Solar Sound healing and takes place at the Elysium Sanctuary in Wexford, Ireland. Training involves the practice of techniques including cleansing of the Aura and chakras using sound. Earth medicine, using the healing power of stones which have been blessed and prepared for the purpose. Soul retrieval, where the practitioner facilitates the client’s journey to retrieve parts of themselves locked in past traumas. The practitioner may also instruct the client on meditative and ceremonial practices so that they can more actively engage their own healing journey.

Healing Sound is engaged with all the practices mentioned. Even in conventional medicine sound is used to rid the body of illness e.g. ultrasound to remove kidney stones. When the practitioner produces sound with a healing intent the vibration can removes stagnation and blockages from the Energy field of the client and induce a greater state of peace and harmony.

Jade Sun Solar Sound Healing

As taught by the Jade Sun school at The Elysium Sanctuary. Each practitioner engages in a minimum of 3 years training and self development. We work by engaging the client and their energy field in a heartfelt and reverent way.

Our intention is to help the client track the energetic and spiritual karma which effects the Auric field leading to mental, emotional and physical disharmony.

Through the science of surrender we engage the Divine Mother’s impulse and track the Auric field and Chakras and using sound, earth and soul retrieval practices among others to help the client heal themselves.