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Gift Vouchers

We are very excited to be introducing new gift vouchers into the clinic. These gift vouchers are special, as they all represent myths and symbols that go back thousands of years. The Symbols are said to bring good luck, health and prosperity to all that receive them. We have four designs to choose from which are each described below. We hope you enjoy the Mythology, and legends that make up these vouchers.

You can purchase these from reception. Buy one today for that special someone!

THE CARP – “success, perseverance, and courage”


In ancient China the carp was a symbol of strength, perseverance, and courage. It was said they had the ability to jump over rapids leaving other fish behind, and were therefore associated with endurance and success in both career and business. Because they swim in pairs they are the emblem of the joy and union in partnership. As Carp are content in their own element, and move effortlessly in all directions, they have come to represent harmony and freedom from all restraints.

GUAN YIN – “wise, merciful, and compassionate”

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Guan Yin, famously known as the Goddess of Mercy, brings out the feeling of compassion and unconditional love. She especially connects with those in need of help, in sickness, or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is a great benefactor and protector of the weak, the ill and is widely known for her reputation as the “bestower of children”. Her beauty, grace and compassion have come to represent the ideal woman who brings forward the knowledge of truth.

BAMBOO – “longevity, strength, and grace”

The long life of the bamboo makes it the Chinese symbol of longevity, strength and grace. It bends readily but doesn’t break easily. Even in the strongest wind and the roughest storms it maintains its delicate structure. In Chinese philosophy the straight stem of the bamboo symbolizes the path towards enlightenment, and the different segments of the stem being the steps along the way. Similarly our journey through life will have many challenges that will test our strength of character. Therefore the bamboo reflects the enlightened soul which remains focused, yet is flexible and strong. It represents a person that can undergo difficult and tough times, yet is adaptable, never breaks, and never lose their sense of worth. No matter how bad their circumstances appear they are able to maintain the essence of their true self.

CHRISTMAS – “giving”

Giving means extending one’s love with no conditions, no expectations and no boundaries. Peace of mind occurs therefore when we put all our attention into giving and have no desire to get anything from, or change another person. The giving motion leads to a sense of inner peace and joy that is unrelated to time. – Gerald G. Jampolsky