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Our dedicated team of TCM practitioners and massage therapists have a passion for what they do. They take the time to listen, and use this information to help guide you in a direction of preventative care, so to optimize your health care regime. Below is a profile of each member of our team at the Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre.

We look forward to providing you with the best of care!

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Gabriele Aspromonte – TCM Practitioner

gabriele aspromonte rtcm practitioner

Gabriele began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Chinese Martial & Physical Arts in 1990, at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM 1974-2008) in Northcote under the guidance of Principal and Founder the Honorable Prof. Wong Lun (OAM / Retired 2008, at the age of 88). Gabriele was led into TCM through his ongoing love and commitment to understanding the disciplines of mental and physical self awareness and health through movements of the Martial Arts from the age of eight years old.

Beginning first with (1)Tui Na (Chinese Manipulative Therapy/Massage) from 1990 and then including (2)Acupuncture, (3)Herbs, (4)Dietetics and (5)Exercise Therapy, Gabriele began his full time practice of TCM in 1994.

The combination of these five arts Prof. Wong termed : Wu Da Liao Fa, in which he also included Wu Yi (associated therapies acquired from the ancient Martial Arts Tradition) & Nature Dao (the study of nature and meditation), the intended goal to return harmony between physical (Xing) and Spirit (Shen) termed Xing Shen He Yi.

In 1997 Gabriele relocated his own practice, the Rosanna Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre (RTCMC) from the ATCM Academy to 78 Lower Plenty Rd, Rosanna. Between 1991-2008 he practised at the ATCM Academy, progressing to teaching and post graduate studies. Here he became a Senior TCM Practitioner, instructor of Tai Ji Quan, Wu Gong (Chinese Martial Arts pertaining to health) and Nature Dao Meditation including Dao Yin (Qi Gong) exercises. In weekly shifts practising and managing the Academy, he mentored students undertaking clinical hours. Throughout his time at the Academy he continued to work with and be mentored by Prof. Wong Lun daily. Gabriele participated in regular trips to China every few years with Prof. Wong. They followed the Silk Road Route, visiting and working in Hospitals, Local Clinics, visiting Temples, and Monasteries to understand the history, progression and current practice of TCM throughout China.

Following the closure of ATCMA in 2008, Gabriele continues his own studies and research into TCM and the Physical Arts through clinical discussion groups, workshops, conferences and conferring with his teachers, peers and colleagues in the field.

Fiona Aspromonte – TCM Practitioner

Fiona is a qualified and registered Practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine with 20 years experience in treating gynecology, fertility, children’s and paediatrics.

In 1995, Fiona embarked on five year degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the highly respected Professor Wong Lun. Fiona was privileged to be taught and mentored by Professor Wong and during her five years, she spent most of her spare time assisting him in his clinic where she gained invaluable experience.

To give her a greater awareness of the body and physical movement in relation to health, Fiona devoted herself to her training in Wu Gong, Tai Qi, Judo and Tang Shou at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Northcote.

Her passion to dedicate herself to Chinese Medicine saw Fiona travelling overseas to China to attend world conferences in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as spending time in Traditional Chinese medical hospitals and also having the opportunity to visit herbal cultivation areas and TCM universities.

Working so closely and being mentored by Professor Wong gave Fiona a profound respect and understanding of not only Chinese medicine and the physical arts but also a deep insight into the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how we are guided by nature but unwittingly are controlled by our minds. Her studies gave her a more in-depth understanding of the emotional stresses we place our bodies under and how Traditional Chinese medicine views symptoms and in turn treats each patient based on their own history. It’s this understanding and wealth of knowledge which she brings to all her clinical treatments.

Fiona’s dedication to learning has cemented her passion in the philosophy of Traditional Chinese medicine – not only as a way of health and preventative care but also as a way to emotional freedom.

Heidi Yuen – TCM Practitioner Book for Heidi


Website: www.hnh.id.au
Contact page: www.hnh.id.au/contact-us

Heidi is a qualified practitioner of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Remedial Massage and has been practising Qigong for over 30 years.

Heidi is passionate about gynaecology, especially in helping women to overcome issues such as period pain, PMS, menopause symptoms and infertility. Her natural fertility and IVF support treatment, which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, Qigong exercise, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice, is all-rounded. Apart from treating the physical body, Heidi taps into the associated emotions to enhance the outcome.

Being an enthusiastic acupuncturist, Heidi is familiar with the centuries-old pain-relieving measure. The Ancient Chinese people found that the human body consists of different meridian channels whereQi (vital energy) flows freely within. If a person is having pain, then there may be blockages in one or more channels. Pain may be relieved by removing the stagnant Qi. Heidi treats a range of pain conditions including headache/migraine, arthritic joint pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal conditions such as temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), whiplash, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, back pain and Achilles tendonitis.

Heidi’s natural warmth and compassion are second only to her ongoing commitment to providing the best in patient care. Seeing that the overweight and obesity epidemic has risen to alarming levels, she started her PhD in 2015 atRMIT to conduct research on treatments with Chinese herbal medicine. She combines the Western and Eastern medical theories on weight loss treatments to get the optimal results.

In addition to applying traditional Chinese diagnostic methods to differentiate the patterns of disorders, Heidi employs advanced technology, The AcuGraph® Digital Meridian Imaging™ system, to analyse the meridians and locate the imbalance.

Heidi is also fluent in the Mandarin and Cantonese languages.

MJ – TCM Practitioner

(MJ will be returning on Tuesday, March 5th 2019 her appointment book is now open)

Mirjana (aka MJ) loves to be thorough when going into patient health history and to establish the full picture including the root cause of health conditions. She dedicates spending quality one on one time with each person and creating authentic heart centred connections with each of her patients. Rest assured her acupuncture technique is gentle and you may find yourself walking out feeling relaxed and calm.

MJ works predominantly with women and has many years experiences helping them find improvement and embracing their menstrual health. She also has a special interest in working with female patients who are seeking solutions and need relief from acne, eczema and other frustrating skin ailments, also any one who would prefer a more holistic approach to graceful aging.

She’s an experienced and qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist attaining her double degree, Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine/Human Biology) from RMIT University in 2009 and completing a semester internship at the busiest hospital in Nanjing, China, where she gained experience and knowledge working in several health departments – in particular gynecology and dermatology departments.

When she is not in practice MJ enjoys listening to podcasts, attending seminars, spending quality time with her loved ones and nature walks.

“I look forward to meeting and helping to assist you. Every woman deserves to feel good and functioning at her absolute best no matter her health/life circumstance. We will work together on this journey to help you achieve your most important health and well being goals. It’s not always easy or smooth sailing but that’s why I’m here to support you. If you know that having extra support would be of most benefit to you on achieving your health goals as well as removing any confusion and stress, please do not hesitate to call us to get started.”

Merna El-Chaaban – TCM Practitioner

Merna El-Chaaban

Merna is an experienced acupuncturist and traditional Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. She graduated from RMIT University with a double bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Human Biology and during her studies she completed a 4 month internship in China at the largest Chinese medicine hospital in Nanjing China: The Jiangsu Province Hospital.

Whilst in China, Merna engaged in a busy Gynecology department, a place that fuelled her interest in Obstertrics and Gynecology. As a result, Merna has developed a passion for treating women’s health and fertility as well as supporting women during pregnancy and dermatology.

Merna went on to practice at the Acupuncture pregnancy clinic, run by Jane Lyttleton and gained valuable experience where she was introduced to Jane Lyttletons protocols as well as taking part in the most recent acupuncture IVF research study conducted by the University of Western Sydney.

Merna has continued to expand her experience in well known multidisciplinary clinics alongside Naturopaths and other fertility support practitioners, this has helped her further her knowledge in reproductive health. In addition to womens health, Merna has a great interest in dermatological conditions and treating all kinds of skin issues, including acne, psoriasis and eczema.

She has recently furthered her experience in Cosmetic acupuncture, where she has gained a great insight into Dr Radha Thambirajah skin treatments and techniques to enhance facial rejuvenation.

Merna has experienced many positive outcomes over the years and has a high degree of knowledge and skill in supporting conception and pregnancy. She is dedicated in all aspects of her work and provides not only acupuncture treatments but also dietary and lifestyle advice. She aspires to assist women and men of all ages by providing healthcare advice to people seeking a holistic approach and acknowledges that your body is your most important asset.

Merna is committed to supporting you through the journey of life.

Jason Callanan

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medical Herbalist, and Massage Therapist

(MAppSc (ChinHerbMed) RMITBHSc (Acu), Endeavour College Cert. IV-TCMRM, ACNM Cert.II-Shiatsu)

Jason Callanan

Jason has been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 10 years and is a nationally registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in the disciplines of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner  and Chinese Herbal Medicine Dispensing and is a registered with all private health funds for these modalities .

He completed his Masters program in Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT, and his Acupuncture degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane.

He was first introduced to Acupuncture more than 25 years ago when he received treatment for a back injury he was told would need surgery; instead he received six sessions of acupuncture which successfully resolved the issue. Following this experience, he developed a strong passion and interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and began his formal training soon after.

Jason began his training with studying Tui Na (Chinese massage)and began treating patients in 2006 whilst continuing his Bachelor degree in Acupuncture. Since beginning practice he has further studied  various other massage techniques including Acupressure, Remedial techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, and trained in Shiatsu under the private instruction of a Japanese Master.

He has always believed that the combination of various styles with Acupuncture during his treatment sessions help to achieve the best results in assisting his patients.

Whilst he was studying Acupuncture, Jason privately trained with a Grandmaster in the internal meditation arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, two crucial exercise aspects of TCM, which is used to promote health and longevity for those who practice regularly.

From 2009 to 2017 Jason had a very successful and busy practice on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. He worked in a multi modality clinic alongside Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Yoga and Pilates instructors. Being exposed to different practitioners helped him increase his knowledge in nutritional therapy, exercise rehab, and counselling skills, which he draws on to  further assist his patients in his own practice.

In 2012 Jason began his Masters of Chinese Herbal Medicine at RMIT here in Melbourne. He felt the combination of Acupuncture and herbs would increase the benefits to his patients and promote greater success in clinical practice.

The structure of the course allowed him to travel to Melbourne for week long intensive lectures every 3 months.

Jason is also a Lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in the Chinese Medicine Department teaching first year students fundamental concepts of TCM. He  has lectured at both the Sydney and Melbourne campuses of Endeavour. He is passionate about sharing his formal knowledge and clinical experience with new students, and encouraging them to be enthusiastic about their studies, and throughly enjoys inspiring them to see the very rewarding benefits  of becoming a TCM practitioner.

He is an experienced, caring, devoted and enthusiastic practitioner with a strong interest and experience in-

-Restoring digestive health and balance- he believes you are what you     eat and the importance of having strong digestive health to elevate your mood, energy and vitality.

-Neurological and pain management- combining hands on massage and acupuncture together, Jason has successfully treated thousands of patients with muscle/joint issues, acute/chronic pain conditions, nerve entrapment, Bells Palsy and many other neurological conditions. His personal experience of receiving Acupuncture treatment for spinal damage and nerve pain was the inspiration for his study of Acupuncture and massage.

-Sleep disorders- Jason is a firm believer in the restorative power of sleep. Clinically he has seen an increasing amount of patients with sleep issues. Many patients have great difficulty getting off too sleep and maintaining a deep restful sleep. Jason uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary advice and breathing techniques to assist his patients in improving their sleep patterns.

-Emotions- the increasing occurrences of anxiety, depression, and stress. largely due to modern day pace of our lifestyle, has prompted Jason to take particular interest in assisting his patients to regain control of their emotions and remain calm, focused and grounded to assist them to develop management strategies to cope with the pace of their commitments.

-Wellness and vitality – Jason embraces one of the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, that it is not only for when signs and symptoms begin showing in patients, but it can be used for maintaining health and vitality, to prevent dis-ease in the body, not just attempting to correct it when needed. Regular sessions and “tune ups” keep the body healthy, strong and pain free and help encourage his patients to be at their best more often.

In clinic Jason practises the TCM principle of treating each patient as an individual, and tailoring treatment and advice to address each patient specifically. His treatments utilise Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, nutritional support, dietary and exercise advice to treat the imbalances that may be present in the body, and to promote wellness and vitality.

Lachlan Ryan – Myotherapy Therapist

lachlan ryan massage therapist

I have a passion for understanding the function and workings of the human body. This follows achieving an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy from RMIT TAFE and Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy. In addition to this, I had prior studies in Physiology and Anatomy at La trobe University.

I specialise in rehabilitation and maintenance of injuries suffered through physical activity, especially repetitive stress and overuse injuries. I have a particularly strong empathy for clients recovering from sporting injuries, based on my own experience as a State League Water Polo athlete since 2012. As a qualified massage therapist and competitive athlete, I can also advise clients on maintenance exercises to assist their recovery, in combination with massage therapy.

– Lachlan Ryan